Dedicated to Christ, Committed to Learning and Service to Others

Elementary School





Mrs. Amy Siedlik



  • Started at St. Matthew in 2021
  • Has a husband and a daughter.
  • A memorable moment during her teaching career was when she once had a student draw a picture of her. She was so accuracate by including the crazy frizzy hair with pencils sticking out in all directions. The class begged her to display in on the screen. She did and they all had a nice laugh.
  • You can find Mrs. Siedlik exercising with her daughter, or taking family walks around the neighborhood in her free time. 
  • She wants to be in a Catholic School because she wants to be a part of a Christian family where she can freely talk about God.



Ms. Emily Benjamin

First Grade Teacher
  • Started at St. Matthew in 2021
  • Is from Plattsmouth, NE
  • Spent a year and half subbing in Lincoln



Mrs. Emma Freeman

Second Grade Teacher
  • Started at St. Matthew in 2021
  • Has husband, daughter, and 2 kitties
  • Working in a Catholic School is important to her because of faith and family. 
  • Something you may not know about Mrs. Freeman is that she has cooked for Chef Robert Irvine (from Restaurant Impossible) in a cooking competition.



Ms. Ashley Handzlik

Third Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Handzlik started teaching at St. Matthew in 2020.
  • She also worked at Sacred Heart in Omaha.
  • She loves sports espcially North Carolina Basketball.



Mrs. Jean Harper

Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Harper has been teaching at St. Matthew since 2018.  She has done early childhood, resource para in a junior high, and substitute teaching for Millard, Westside, and All Saints Catholic School.
  • She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s in elementary education, and a masters in curriculum and instruction.
  • She has three daughters, and a granddaughter.



Ms. Shelby Parr

Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Started at St. Matthew in 2021
  • Something you can see her doing in her free time is being outside with her boys, crafting, playing board games, hanging down at our cabin, fishing, playing Animal Crossing.
  • Teaching at a Catholic School is important because she gets to help students' find where they truly belong. In the classroom, the teacher gets to be a guiding light in their faithful journeys.
  • Something you may not know about Mrs. Parr is she is fluent in American Sign Language.
  • Favorite quote- "Never let the fear of striking out... keep you from playing the game"