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St Matthew--We Love It

St Matthew--We Love It

I believe Catholic schools are so important in the early years when children are so open and eager to learn about God and His love for them. It gives children a sense of peace and confidence in learning there is a loving God they can pray to for guidance and protection when they need help.  Catholic schools have dedicated Christian teachers who are free to openly share prayer and their faith while providing a quality education. The teachers are not just there to do a job but to help others know God’s love.  Catholic schools help children to think about the needs of others through outreach programs such as visiting the elderly, providing food for those in need and prayer partners.  In addition a Catholic school is free to teach about Scripture and the sacraments and devotion to Mary and the saints. Many of these activities cannot be taught in a public school.  All of these activities will help prepare children for a life of joy, service and a sense of belonging to something important and wonderful.  Catholic education provides so many blessings and opportunities for students and the community to seek and find God.  It is a blessing I am excited to have experienced in my own life and an opportunity I am grateful to have for my own children and future generations.  Thank you, Saint Matthew School for continuing the tradition.

                                    ~Joann—Catholic School Teacher and Parent

     I like going to St. Matthew Catholic School because I get to see the best teacher in the world.
                 ~ Ruby D. Kindergarten
     I like going to St. Matthew Catholic School because we talk about Jesus.
                    ~ Hannah V. 1st grade
     I like going to St. Matthew Catholic School because I have friends and teachers.  I have spelling with my teacher and my friends and like to play computer too.  And I like it because my brothers are there.  I go to St. Matthew because we have recess.  The teachers pray to the Holy Spirit and we go to Mass.  We have math. 
                     Erwin K. 2nd grade
     I am proud to be a student at St. Matthew Catholic School because when I went to a school in Washington I didn’t have any friends.  But here I have a lot of good friends.  Here we also have a lot of good teachers like Mrs. O’Neill.  The teachers are always letting us do fun experiments like “what can melt ice the fastest.” The last reason is we get to learn more about God. I hope I never have to leave St. Matthew’s.
                       ~ Hope G. 3rd grade
     I am proud to be a student at St. Matthew Catholic School because the teachers are nice, most of the food tastes good, we donate to the needy, and are allowed to pray at school.  Many other schools can’t do that.  The best thing we did this year was raise money for the school so that it runs a lot smoother.  The school is small and always accepting of new students.  Events and fundraisers help the students enjoy school.  All students know that the teachers are there to help with social studies, science, spelling, injuries, and bullying. 
                        Nolan R. 5th grade
     Attending St. Matthew Catholic School is important to me because of the academics.  The teachers here are the best and get us ready for high school.  They are probably the best teachers in Bellevue.  I am grateful to have them here.  They are the most important factors of this school.  They are what get you to what you are: smart, healthy, and wise.  They are the best and no one can replace them.
                       ~ Lauren B. 6th grade
     Attending St. Matthew Catholic School is important to me because I know I’m getting a good education.  I also like how I get to learn about God.  I have been here 8 years. I have made many friends over the past years.  Here I have great teachers.  I know I will be prepared for the future. 
                          Katie S. 7th grade
     Attending St. Matthew Catholic School is important to me because it is a safe and friendly learning environment.  We have great education and nice one-on-one time with teachers.  We learn a lot and have fun at the same time.  We are all friends here at St. Matthews and enjoy learning together.
                         ~ Josh S. 8th grade


      The eight years I spent at St. Matthew set the foundation for my future studies in high school. The small class sizes ensured that my teachers cared about me and were always accessible after class if I was struggling or wanted to do extra work. For instance, in order to prepare me for my high school math placement exam, my math teacher spent time outside of class reviewing algebra concepts with me. I know that I never would have had that opportunity in a larger school. St. Matthew does an excellent job of educating to Catholic values through prayer in the classroom, mass, and theology classes. The Confirmation preparation program beginning in seventh grade taught me that faith was only my decision to make. Over the near decade that I spent at St. Matthew, it has become my home and I see more opportunities for the current students than I ever had. St. Matthew School goes beyond just classroom instruction and educates the whole person. I am the person I am today because of the foundation that St. Matthew provided for me.
                         ~ Rachel M., Graduate and current junior at Duchesne Academy