Dedicated to Christ, Committed to Learning

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St. Matthew School is truly unique! It is the only school in the world built principally through the generosity of military members for the education of their children. In 1961, Father Ruef, the senior Catholic Chaplain at Offutt Air Force Base, undertook this school building project when he learned Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters was projected to gain several hundred Catholic families, and local Catholic schools were already at full capacity. Father Ruef, with support from key SAC leaders, the greater Omaha and Bellevue business communities, and the Catholic men and women of SAC around the world, got the job done. Maj Gen James B. Knapp was one of the key SAC leaders who helped Fr. Ruef establish Cardinal Spellman School. He was the first President of the Catholic Education Association which was responsible for the establishment and running of Cardinal Spellman School. The first of three buildings was completed and the doors to what was originally called Cardinal Spellman School opened in September 1963.

In June 1996, Cardinal Spellman School became part of the Omaha Archdiocese's newest parish, St. Matthew the Evangelist. True to its heritage, the renamed St. Matthew School, along with the new parish, committed itself to expanding the educational and extra-curricular opportunities offered to its student body. On August 29, 1999, the Archbishop of Omaha, Elden Curtiss, dedicated the new $3 million Worship Center/Gymnasium. Additional facilities have been planned and are awaiting funding.

For 50 years, St. Matthew School has provided a quality Christian education to Catholic and non-Catholic families, both military and non-military. The school currently offers a four year-old preK program, all day kindergarten, and instruction from Grades 1 through 8.  We also offer child care for children ages three and four.

With the anticipated growth of the parish, St. Matthew School looks forward to a bright future, continuing in its proven tradition of excellence in education. We are truly dedicated to Christ and committed to learning.



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History of St. Matthew/Cardinal Spellman School