Sixth Grade

Mr. Bob Goetschkes- 6th grade Homeroom Teacher, Middle School Social Studies

  • Mr. Goetschkes is the new Middle School Social Studies teacher, comes to St. Matthew's after 8 years at Brownell-Talbot School, 3 years at Betz Elementary in BPS, and 8 years at Norwin School District in suburban Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Bob holds an M.A. degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Secondary Social Studies from Seton Hill University.
  • Bob is a Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Peace Corps.
  • He currently serves as a National Ski Patrol medic at Mt. Crescent, IA., as a Small Shark Tank Diver at Henry Doorly Zoo, and teacher French Foil for Omaha Fencing Club.
  • He and his wife, Kelly, parishioners of St. Matthew's.
  • He has three children: Robert, USAFA Cadet, Claire, Junior at B-T, and Nic, who attends Pre-K at SMS. They also cur host two Foster Sons and a student from Nanjing, China studying in Omaha.